How Watching Football Can Help Your Family Business

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Image source: Pixabay via Pexels

With the 2014 FIFA World Cup underway in Brazil, the world has been treated to an exciting array of football matches between the nations. While the usual matchups between traditional football powerhouses and newcomers were supposed to yield predictable results, the world has watched in astonishment as defending champions Spain crash out of the tournament in the group stages, and fellow Iberian competitors from Portugal experienced bitter losses.

On the other hand, respectable but certainly not top-ranked teams from countries such as Mexico and Chile pulled off memorable and spirited performances that saw them not only hold their own against the likes of Brazil and Spain, but also display attacking flair and prowess.

The success of these teams against stronger opponents was largely attained through an auspicious blend of passion, technical skill, and a team-oriented tactical play that overcame the odds. In many ways, the tactics and skills that allow you to win a football game can be applied to the family business.

For instance, the family business leader can take these cues from the way a football coach manages his team members:

Recognizing and purposefully managing talent in the family and in the business and allotting them the right position

  • Coaching each family member to develop their unique talents and skill
  • Sharing the passion and vision with all the members
  • Fostering strong communication
  • Studying the competitors and developing appropriate tactics
  • Also, family members can model their approach to the business through the study of strong football teams by:
  • Learning how to react and push forward as a team
  • Establishing support and protection for each family member
  • Identifying the respective strengths and weaknesses of the other family members
  • Maintaining discipline
  • Truly knowing each other

In many ways, the family business unit requires a high level of unity and cooperation that non-family business may not require. However, the successful implementation of the aforementioned points can help the family business defeat any adversary and become true champions.

With only a few more games left in this World Cup, don’t miss the opportunity for you and your family business to learn some valuable lessons!