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Advice, insight, profiles and guides for families looking to learn about the family office, private wealth management advisory firms that serve ultra-high-net-worth investors and family members.

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As we move past the financial crisis, the global economy has become thirsty for growth. While the BRIC countries escaped relatively unscathed and have...

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At first glance, the Rising Tide Car Wash of Parkland, Florida looks and operates like any other car wash center. However, this seemingly ordinary...

The Al Fozan Success Story

Interview with Abdullah A. Al Fozan, Al Fozan Group, KSA The Abdullatif & Mohamed Al Fozan Company, also known as the Al Fozan Group, is...

What Services Do Family Offices Provide?

In the second part of this series of articles we focused on preferred jurisdictions for family offices, this time we look at the actual...