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Paul Hutchinson

Purpose in Motion: Driving Change and Impact Against Child Trafficking

Every year, up to 1.2 million children fall victim to trafficking, and many remain undetected, hidden from national authorities and anti-trafficking organisations....
Ana María Guerrero Carvajal

How did the Carvajal Family Grow Their Philanthropic Impact? 

Ana Maria Guerrero Carvajal, president of the Board of Directors of her family’s Fundación Carvajal, recognises the considerable challenges the charitable foundation...
Cristina Carvajal

How Can a Family Council Promote Unity and Longevity? 

Cristina Carvajal remembers exactly what it was like to visit her family’s printing business with her father when she was a little...
Pedro Felipe Carvajal

What are Key Family Business Strategies when Crisis Hits? 

Despite the formidable challenges of a global pandemic, Pedro Carvajal and the entire Carvajal organisation united around the company’s longstanding culture of...
Philip Mackeown

Are Successors Asking the Right Questions?

Philip Mackeown is an author, career coach, and fifth-generation business director. After spending 25 years working in his family’s leading food retail group in Ireland, the Musgrave Group, Philip set out to write the book he wished he’d read upon entering the family business.

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