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Family business stories and best practice articles. Where tradition and innovation co-exist for generations through a legacy of entrepreneurship.

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Barnard Arnault, Chairman and CEO of LVMH

The Rise of LVMH: Story of the Arnault Luxury Family Business Giant

Long before the 1987 merger that gave life to French luxury goods giant LVMH was the births of two family businesses Moët et Chandon...

“All Work, No Play” Stifling Family Business Growth

Family business growth can be boosted if a ‘permission to play’ is encouraged in the workplace, according to Dani Saveker, CEO of the sector’s...
6 Countries Under Economic Sanctions

6 Countries That Are Currently Under Economic Sanctions

Historically, nations have leveraged economic sanctions as a non-military tool to act against a targeted country, often for political or humanitarian reasons. Recent years...
The Battle that defined the Koch Brothers

The Battle That Defined the Koch Family Business

Their name is synonymous with hard-nosed business practices and conservative politics in the United States. To the left they are a two-headed monster that...