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Family business stories and best practice articles. Where tradition and innovation co-exist for generations through a legacy of entrepreneurship.

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Foodiac: An On-Demand Private Chef Service

Interview with Foodiac founder Miikka Mäkiö I never wanted to be an entrepreneur. A friend to our family had his own company and I saw what it...
Jean Pierre LeBlanc is the Founder of Saje which he runs and grows together with his wife Kate.

Saje: A Family in the Business of Wellness

Over the last couple of decades, small, family owned businesses in the US have taken a hit. With the economy struggling to right itself...

How to Make an Impact in Your Family Business: The Triple Requirement

All family businesses face critical phases in their lifetime. Succession is certainly the most critical one since it threatens the four circles comprising the family...

Coffee Flour: Ex-Starbucks’ Entrepreneur Invents Gluten-Free Flour From Coffee

Engineer Dan Belliveau designed factories for major-league retailers and is the former director of technical services at Starbucks (fired for advocating changes to facility...