How to become a Tharawat Magazine Contributor or Partner

We are committed to bringing business and wealth owners with a multigenerational outlook the best content to support their ambitions. At Tharawat Magazine, we publish original content (i.e. format has not been published before) and combine text, audio and video wherever possible.

If you’d like to contribute to Tharawat Magazine, please check below to see which category best applies to you and get in touch with our editors to get started.

For Family Enterprises

Are you part of a family enterprise with a story to tell? Have you been in business for more than 20 years and do you have a multigenerational outlook on your business and/or wealth?

Celebrate your family’s achievements with a story in Tharawat Magazine. For context, here are some of the recent profiles we’ve published.*

Email our Senior Editor. They would love to hear from you and learn more about your business.

*Family enterprises are free of charge and are conducted according to our policies laid out below.

iraj ispahani sustainability starts at home
iraj ispahani sustainability starts at home

For Authors and Researchers

Have you authored new research and/or generated original data in the family enterprise field? Are you an author who’s published a family enterprise-related book in the last year?

Send a summary to our editors, who can give you feedback on if your content is a fit for The Family Business Voice or a short editorial in the magazine.*

Email our Senior Editor to let us know what you’re working on.

*We reserve the right to refuse submissions on the basis of the evaluation by our editorial team. Accepted research is featured free of charge and is published according to our policies laid out below.

For Service Providers

Are you a service provider who wants to reach a global audience of family enterprises and wealth owners?

We’ve published over 1300 articles and interviewed hundreds of families in over 70 countries. We have 2 million annual page views on our website and a growing subscriber base for our podcast: The Family Business Voice.

We are excited to help service providers (e.g. in finance, executive education, insurance, business consulting and more) grow their brands through our content partnership offerings which place your thought leadership and advertisements right next to high-end original content about family enterprises.

Email our team for details on content partnership fees, analytics and case studies.

Family business metaverse

General Policies

– All interviewees (family enterprise members, researchers and authors) will have the chance to review content (not layout) before it’s published.

– All submitted materials will undergo Tharawat Magazine’s editorial process.

– Tharawat Magazine does not publish submitted material that has been published elsewhere.

– Due to the high volume of submissions, the editing team will contact you only if we are interested in publishing.

– Except for Content Partners, commercial messages will be removed from interviews and articles.