Submission Guidelines

Tharawat MagazineTharawat Magazine inspires the growth-minded company. As such, we are always open to act as a platform for smart, thought-provoking materials submitted by the community.

Before proceeding, please note the following:

1. We do not provide compensation for submitted materials.
2. All submitted materials will undergo Tharawat Magazine’s editorial process.
3. We ONLY accept submissions and requests to the Tharawat Magazine Website, NOT the Tharawat Magazine Print Edition.

There are two ways to participate:

1. Interviews

What it is: Interviews, Q&A’s, and Behind-the-Scenes of companies, entrepreneurs, and family businesses.

Who can participate: Business leaders, entrepreneurs, family businesses regardless of company size, country of origin, or industry.

Details: All companies have a unique story to tell, and the Tharawat Magazine is the perfect place to tell that story to the world.

How to Participate: If you are a business leader or entrepreneur and would like to be featured on Tharawat Magazine, please email us at Please provide:

1. Brief description of your company
2. Web address of your company
3. Contact details

Due to the high volume of submissions, the editing team will contact the company only if it is interested in publishing.

2. Editorials

What it is: Best practice articles, How-to pieces, and thought-compelling advice.

Who can submit: Academics, consultants, business leaders and any member of the business community with insightful things to say.

Details: Editorial articles are designed to act as a collection of unique ideas for growth, or practical guides for improvement that can be realistically implemented by our readers.

We expect prospective authors to be familiar with the style and tone of our editorial articles. A single article (whether standalone or as a part of a series) should be between 500-700 words.

How to Participate: If you would like to share your content, please send a completed draft to Please include your contact information as well as a few lines about yourself.

Due to the high volume of submissions, the editing team will contact you only if it is interested in publishing. Please note that we only accept original material not published anywhere else.