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Universal Colors: How a Mother and her Daughters became Leaders in an Unlikely Industry
Universal Colors, a Peruvian family business manufacturing protective industrial and marine coatings, knows how to weather a storm. Its founder, Juana Antonia Espinoza Reyes, became cognizant of an opportunity in the marine coatings industry around the turn of the millennium. When her brothers, whom she had previously worked with in a family business setting, baulked at the opportunity, she decided...
Ruggero Piano – A Family Preserving the Gift of Music
The modern piano has entertained, inspired and enthralled the world for over 300 years. Pianos are uniquely versatile: from symphony auditoriums to living rooms across the globe, they accompany full orchestras, family life and everything in between. The piano's appeal is universal; this instrument is not limited by genre or generation, and it is often passed down as an...
Monkey Business Catering – a Family’s Non-Linear Road to Success
In 2001, the Thompsons were forced to sell their farm but remained resolute, driven to define success on their own terms.Amy Thompson and her family are no strangers to adversity. For almost a century, the Thompson family life revolved around the dairy farm. Like many small businesses in the agrarian...
Empire International
Pundit of the silver screen, Mario Haddad Sr, CEO of Empire International, has dedicated his life and career to bringing cinema to the Middle East. Since taking over his father's business in 1956, Haddad's zeal to share his passion for film with the Arab world has persisted despite economic and political turmoil. A testimony to his determination, Haddad built Lebanon's...


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Issue 36, November 2017 – 21st Century Leadership

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Issue 35, August 2017 – The Pursuit of Happiness

What makes us happy? It is a question that has baffled philosophers, artists, academics, and probably every human being on earth throughout history....
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Issue 34, May 2017 – Digital Strategies

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Issue 33, February 2017 – Environmental Business Models

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Issue 31, August 2016 – The Journey to Growth

In Issue 31 of Tharawat Magazine, The Journey to Growth, we focus on what it takes to grow in the context of a fast-moving...

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