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Quinta de Sant'Ana: Consummate, Conscientious Hospitality
With the help of their seven sons, James Frost and his wife Ann have revitalised their centuries-old Portuguese estate vineyard, Quinta de Sant'Ana, transforming it into a premier location for destination weddings. In doing so, the Frosts have been careful to maintain their property's singular aesthetic – a product of time and tradition. After all, their history is a romantic...
Silvia Tcherassi: A Colombian Fashion Trailblazer
A pioneering force in Latin American haute couture, Silvia Tcherassi is the global fashion designer behind “casual luxury”, a hard-to-define yet unmistakable aesthetic that mingles the traditional with the avant-garde. Tcherassi began her career as an interior designer but quickly married her creativity with her love for fashion. From creating T-shirts for her friends early on to designing luxury hotel...
Peru's First Mobile Blood Bank: Two Family Businesses Join Forces to Save Lives
Jose Juan Ciccia and Victor Jose Alfaro are both second-generation members of successful Peruvian family businesses. Jose runs CIVA, the tourism, transport and logistics company created by his father in the 1970s. Victor is in charge of one of Peru’s largest medical technology suppliers, Sistemas Analiticos, founded by his parents in 1993. Having met at various functions over the years,...
Norrøna: Natural Leaders
For Norrøna, a Norwegian family business at the forefront of the outdoor clothing industry, respect for the natural world is woven in. Jørgen Jørgensen, an avid outdoorsman, founded the company nearly a century ago to share his passion with others, manufacturing the necessary equipment to experience the beauty of Norway's rugged surroundings.  Now in its fourth generation, Norrøna continues Jørgen's...


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tharawat magazine issue 43
Tharawat magazine issue 43


Hiring in the Family Business

Hiring Relatives in the Family Business

Quentin Fleming knows the tact that family businesses must exercise when hiring or firing family members. As a small-business consultant, Quentin Fleming discovered that family...

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