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DJI the world's leading drone developer.

DJI: How a Stanford-reject Created the World’s Largest Drone Company

According to a report published by advisory firm Sophic Capital in September, the drone market is expected to be cumulatively valued at $91 billion...
Entrepreneurs Making it Big in China - Great Leap Brewing

Great Leap Brewing: Craft Beer Infused with the Flavors of China

China is the world’s largest beer market, accounting for a quarter of the global beer volume. According to a Reuters study, 80% of this...

Family Business Relationships

In order to run a successful family business, having a proper governance structure, high profits, and global brand recognition is not enough; none of...
Professionalizing the Family Business - Al Majdouie

Professionalizing the Family Business

Experience of the Al Majdouie Group It is often said, that one of the key challenges of family businesses is to professionalize their structures in...