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Tharawat Magazine Editors Ramia El Agamy and James Lee talk about all things family business, from freewheeling conversations to interviews with family businesses and experts.

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Why Family Businesses Must Beware of Abusing Their Power

Implications of the Korean Air Nut Rage Incident The world is abuzz with the story of a Korean Air executive who threw a tantrum and...
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Through the Academic Lens – Professor Mike Wright

Interview with Professor Mike Wright Professor Mike Wright is the Professor of Entrepreneurship at Imperial College Business School and the Director of the Centre for...

What Services Do Family Offices Provide?

In the second part of this series of articles we focused on preferred jurisdictions for family offices, this time we look at the actual...
Knowledge - The Key to becoming Supervisor

Knowledge – The Key to Becoming an Effective Supervisor

The General Manager and his dilemma We were assisting the general manager of a global auto-parts manufacturer who was having a hard time being “heard”...