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Advice, insight, profiles and guides to ensure a successful and peaceful succession for established and aspiring members of the family business.

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Aramex – Brand Promise Delivered

Insights from Fadi Ghandour, CEO of Aramex Many brands have made their mark on the region, yet, undoubtedly, the bold red lettering of the Aramex...

Astroscale: Cleaning Up Space Junk With Satellite Drones

There are growing concerns about the danger posed by the increasing amount of space debris surrounding the Earth. To tackle that problem, Singapore-based startup...
A Guide to Using Social Media for Family Businesses

A Guide to Using Social Media for Family Businesses

All too often family business representatives of a certain age tend to dismiss social media as something 'to be left to the younger generation'...
Protecting the Family Business

What happens if…? Protecting the Family Business

“What happens if…?” These three words begin most questions that business owners ask themselves on a monthly, weekly, perhaps even daily basis. They usually...