How to Use Twitter to Build Consumer Trust

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Congratulations, you’ve decided to use Twitter to engage with your customers! Okay, so you have a Twitter profile, and you have a small or decent sized following. Great! But how do you turn those random followers into brand advocates, trust followers, and conversationalists?


Customers are going to talk about your brand and it’s not all going to be good. By providing information on company policies, terms, and even financial status, consumers are more likely to trust your brand. Transparency builds trust; trust improves customer retention, which increases profits. This is shown especially if the information being provided is by the CEO of the company. In a survey by Brandfog, 77% of customers are more likely to buy from a company whose values and mission are defined by the CEO and executive leadership participation on social media. The survey also shows that 82% of people will trust the company more.


Plant your feet as a thought leader in your field. Read up on the latest trends in your industry, comment on the progression and give some insight as to why the trends are good or bad for the industry as a whole. Engage your following about their reactions and acknowledge participants.


It is no secret that the point of twitter is to engage in conversations. 140 characters is not a challenge to see how much of an advertisement you can fit in the small white box, all while including the link to your product or blog. Most of your tweets should be encouraging conversation if not engaging in one of your followers’ conversations.

Bonus: Be Human

Use a person in your profile picture or sign off each tweet with the initials of the writer.