10 Inspiring Quotes by Top Family Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs

10 Inspiring Quotes by Top Family Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Successful family businesses and multi-generational entrepreneurs can often attribute a large number of factors to their achievements. But one key aspect that is commonly seen across their respective organizations is that they are founded on a set of core values and philosophies that outlive the founding members, deeply entrenched into the company’s culture by its leadership.

We have selected 10 Inspiring Quotes by Top Family Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs.

Alberto Pirelli, Pirelli“Sometimes it feels like today, we are all just thinking of numbers and spreadsheets. At times, we forget that instinct is just as important.”

Alberto Pirelli, Director, Pirelli & C., Italy

Taher Gozel, Azersun“I would say if your business is not growing, that could itself possibly be the best news ever. It’s fantastic because it’s more than likely your business is a cash cow.”

-Taher Gozel, Head of Green Tech, Azerbaijan

Anna Gaia, UTOPIA“Any company owner that wants to grow their brand has to delegate. Giving people their responsibilities is the only way to develop a company unless you have super powers of course!”

-Anna Gaia, CEO of Utopia, Italy

Dominic Hadeed, Blue Waters“You have to want to serve the people well, that has to be one of your core drivers. If you just want to make money, sell cheap, it won’t work.”

Dominic Hadeed, Founder of Blue Waters, Trinidad and Tobago

Blake Hobson, Image Industries“If companies aren’t willing to adapt to change, they are in trouble. A lot of people hate change and that holds them back.”

Blake Hobson, Co-owner, Image Industries

Roland Mack“You have to allow innovation even if you don’t understand it in the now.”

-Roland Mack, Founder of Europa-Park and Owner of Mack Rides

Matteo Alessi“You have to manage the pace of change. It is a matter of building up the right momentum; if you go too fast people can’t adapt, let alone follow.”

-Matteo Alessi, CCO Europe & North America, Alessi Spa., Italy

Jacqueline Lam“As long as you create strong core capabilities, it doesn’t matter how many people imitate your business model. Be aware and stay focused on your mission.”

Jacqueline Lam, Founder, Mihaibao

Kovács Károly György, Eszat KFT., Hungary“I believe a good leader has to give more space to managers and employees to make decisions in their field of work. Otherwise, they will lose out on the feeling of success, which is a driver in the business world.”

-Kovács Károly György, General Manager, Eszat KFT., Hungary

Chandran Nair“Not everyone is creating a Silicon Valley start-up. Most entrepreneurs are solving immediate problems in their communities and will never care about VCs or debt to equity ratios.”

-Chandran Nair, Global Institute for Tomorrow