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5 Elements of a Healthy Leader

5 Elements of a Healthy Family Business Leader

In his book "Grounded - How Leaders Stay Rooted in an Uncertain World", leadership expert Robert Rosen likens a healthy leader to a tree...
Establishing a Business Presence in Latin America.

Establishing a Business Presence in Latin America

Latin America holds great diversity socially and economically. Entering such a vast new market holds many opportunities but also many challenges. Edward Nicholson, Managing...
Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship – A Creative Outlook to Human Development

Insights from Ghassan Nuqul, Vice-Chairman of Nuqul Group We tend to make a marked difference between the concerns of the private sector and those of...
How Capitalism and Family Firms Transformed Poland

From Communism to Capitalism – How Family Firms Transformed Poland

Capitalism that is driven by private enterprise and self-balancing markets, as world history shows, has evolved over centuries and has been flexible enough to...