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Knowledge - The Key to becoming Supervisor

Knowledge – The Key to Becoming an Effective Supervisor

The General Manager and his dilemma We were assisting the general manager of a global auto-parts manufacturer who was having a hard time being “heard”...
Footsteps of my father, lootah

Following in My Father’s Footsteps

When life is abundant with opportunities and you are motivated by the will to learn and passion to lead, you will reach many achievements....

The Sweet History of the Al Bohsali Family

The story of the Al Bohsali family business started 200 years ago in a small shop in Beirut, Lebanon. From its very beginnings the...
Alfredo de Massis on Innovation

What is Family-Driven Innovation?

It is no secret that family businesses are wrongly perceived as being more conservative and traditional than non-family enterprises, which in turn makes them...