Top Five Richest Nonprofit Organizations in the World

By Steve Morgan [CC BY-SA 4.0 ( or GFDL (], from Wikimedia Commons

Contrary to popular belief, nonprofit organizations are not barred from making money. A nonprofit is characterised by investing its surplus revenues back into its purpose or mission, rather than distributing it to the organization‘s shareholders or owners. They expend substantial amounts of money to fulfill their objectives. Depending on the nature of the services they offer and the financial demands of their operations, budgets of the largest non-profit organizations in the world run into billions of dollars.

We have compiled a list of the richest nonprofit organizations in the world, with statistics sourced from The NonProfit Times.

5. The Salvation Army

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Revenue: $3,888,485,000

Founded in 1865 by William and Catherine Booth in London, The Salvation Army, an international Christian charitable organization, today now has a presence in about 127 countries of the world and boasts more than 1.5 million members. As part of its humanitarian activities, The Salvation Army was one of the major recipients of a $300,000 donation by the National Football League (NFL) to support relief efforts and assist victims impacted by Hurricane Matthew. The Salvation Army’s emergency response across the Caribbean, including Haiti and the Bahamas, has focused on providing basic needs such as food and water for the victims, many of whom have been rendered homeless. The organization has also launched a fundraising campaign on its website to in order to better facilitate donations.

4. United Way Worldwide

Country of Origin: United States

Revenue: $4,142,716,970

Headquartered in Virginia, United Way Worldwide has impacted more than 50 million lives in 1,800 communities across 40 countries and territories globally. It also boasts 2.9 million volunteers and 9.6 million donors worldwide. United Way Worldwide is driven by a vision to improve people’s way of life through its work in education, income, and health. In communities around the world, United Way volunteers work with local leaders to identify needs and develop strategies for improving its economic and human success through education. In September 2016, the organization expanded its scope of activities by holding a Worldwide Roundtable on Philanthropy in Mexico that focused on how to improve opportunities for migrants in their host countries.

3. Catholic Charities U.S.A

Country of Origin: United States

Revenue: $4,285,089,019

Founded in 1910, Catholic Charities U.S.A has grown to become one of the largest non-profit organizations in the world today with revenue of over US$4.29 billion as of 2014. Headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, the organization serves as the national office for more than 160 Catholic Charities that serves millions of people a year, regardless of their religious, social, or economic backgrounds. In 2013 alone, its Catholic Charities served over 9 million individuals. The charitable services provided by the organization include housing, health care, food supply, HIV prevention, and disaster relief, and they are primarily aimed at alleviating poverty in communities across the United States.

2. Goodwill Industries International

Country of Origin: United States

Revenue: $5,372,838,276

Goodwill Industries International is a non-profit organization that provides education and training to job seekers across the board, especially to those who normally wouldn’t be qualified to obtain jobs as a result of their age, disabilities or criminal backgrounds. Founded by Rev. Edgar J. Helms in 1902 to help the poor have a source of livelihood by repairing and selling used household items collected from the wealthy, Goodwill has evolved to become the second largest non-profit organization in the world today by revenue with revenues of $5.37 billion as of 2014. In 2015, the organization served more than 37 million people across the globe, providing jobs for over 312,000 people and facilitated online training to over 35 million people.


Country of Origin: Switzerland

Revenue: $6,608,818,000

The Young Men’s Christian Association (popularly known as YMCA or simply the Y) is a non-profit Christian organization headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Founded in 1844 and perhaps best known for being featured in the song Y.M.C.A by the Village People, YMCA impacts 58 million people in 199 countries through its youth-focused, community development initiatives. It is also the largest non-profit organization in the world with revenues of $6.61 billion in 2014. Driven by its mission of building a “human community of justice with love, peace and reconciliation for the fullness of life for all creation,” its core program areas include the following: sustainable development, educational & vocational training, leadership development, emergency response, and peace building.