Issue 11, July 2011- Family Business Internationalisation

Issue 11, July 2011- Family Business Internationalisation
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9 Generations of Family Shoe Making: The Story of van Bommel

For nine generations the art of shoe-making has been transmitted in the Dutch van Bommel family. Succeeding centuries of high quality manufacturing, the three brothers Reynier, Floris, and Pepijn van Bommel are today running...

Financing Growth in Family Businesses

As we move past the financial crisis, the global economy has become thirsty for growth. While the BRIC countries escaped relatively unscathed and have been enjoying buoyant growth, the economic picture in Eastern Europe...

Family Business Relationships

In order to run a successful family business, having a proper governance structure, high profits, and global brand recognition is not enough; none of these things matter once relationships between family members turn sour...
Implications of Global Economic Power Shift to Developing Countries.

Implications of Global Economic Power Shifting to Developing Countries

A notable shift in global economic power has taken place over the last decade, seen by many as a transition from West to East, by others as one from developed to emerging economies. Dr....
Al Ghurair, Interview with Essa Al Ghurair

Family Business Interview with Essa Al Ghurair, Al Ghurair

Interview with Essa Al Ghurair, Al Ghurair Al Ghurair is one of the most prominent family business names in the Middle East. Diversified into many activities ranging from heavy industry to financial services and employing...
Learning to Compete in the New Global Marketplace

Learning to Compete in the New Global Marketplace

The dynamism of the global economy has created bountiful opportunities for Middle Eastern (ME) family firms. Eager to enter new growth fields, learn new skills, build new capabilities, and keep their members involved, many...

4 Family Businesses That Have Successfully Internationalized Their Companies

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels Lebanon - M1 Group, Mikati Family The M1 Group was co-founded by Taha A. Mikati and his brother Najib A. Mikati in the 1960s building the firm's foundations in the...

Family Business in Arabesque Architecture – The Naji Family

The Naji family has its origins in the great city of Fez - the former capital of the Kingdom of Morocco and one of the country's four "imperial cities." For seven generations, the family...
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Strategic Accounting for SMEs

Accounting and financial planning are often neglected aspects in SMEs. Reasons for this are sometimes a lack of time, a lack of skilled people, or simply a lack of understanding of how important it...