Issue 24, November 2014 – Disruptive Innovation

Issue 24, November 2014 – Disruptive Innovation

This issue of Tharawat Magazine is dedicated to a topic that is little discussed in the family business field: Disruptive innovation. In broad terms, disruptive innovation helps create a new market and value network. It usually is an innovation that helps create a new market and value network, and eventually disrupts an existing market or industry. It usually comes with the consequence of substituting an earlier solution or technology. In this issue, we discover why family firms are particularly well equipped to engage in disruptive innovation.



8 More World Changing Innovations by Family Companies

Disruptive innovations help create a new market and value network and eventually disrupt an existing market or Industry. It usually comes with the consequence of substituting an earlier solution or technology. In this list, we...

8 Amazing Disruptive Innovations by Family Businesses

We live in an age of disruptive innovations. Take a quick look around you and witness companies such as Uber or Airbnb disrupt entire industries by redefining established supply networks and opening up the...

Successful Mistakes and the Value of Perseverence

The entrepreneurial journey of Qais Al Khonji, Founder of Genesis Projects & Investments LLC - EOR Lab Services, Oman Qais Al Khonji did not have to take the risk of becoming an entrepreneur. In fact,...

Finding a Non-Family CEO: The Debbas Family Journey

The Debbas family business recently celebrated its 100th anniversary. For decades the family name has stood for providing quality lighting solutions in Lebanon and the Middle East and today the family works in the...

Make It Happen HOLDAL 2020: The Unconventional Ways of the Abou Adal Family

Interview with Maissa Abou Adal Ghanem and Nour Abou Adal, HOLDAL Abou Adal Group, Lebanon The Abou Adal family stands apart from their competition due to their ability of doing things differently, a notion, which...

Two Families, Six Decades, and Thousands of Cars

Interview with Mia Bassoul and Albert Bassoul Beirut-based family business Bassoul-Heneine is one of Lebanon’s leading car dealerships. Established in the early 1950s as a joint company between two families, the business flourished by delivering...

Growth in Family Businesses – The Case of Lebanon

The Lebanese economy is dominated by family-owned businesses of all sizes. They operate under extraordinary circumstances and many of them have emerged triumphant surviving wars and recessions. What are the key facts that define...

Family Firms Facing Disruptive Innovation – 6 Facts to Bear in Mind

Form follows function, structure follows strategy, and everything follows a purposeful leader. Such is the distilled wisdom from many years of managerial studies regarding successful organisational adaption to change. And, today, when change is...

A Family in the Business of Disruption

Interview with Nick Bloor, Founder of Technigro and the IVM Group, Australia Nearly three decades ago, at the age of 19, Nick Bloor dropped out of law school in order to pursue his dream of...

Why Family Businesses Disrupt – Or Not

Family firms would not survive across multiple generations without the ability and willingness to innovate and adapt to changing circumstances. In fact, countless revolutionary inventions that have changed the course of industries and history...

Diamonds Last Forever – Graff Diamonds

Interview with Francois Graff, Chief Executive Officer of Graff Diamonds Laurence Graff was only 15 years old when his life long passion for diamonds began. He started work as an apprentice at a London-based jeweller....

The Tale of Gebr. Heinemann: Of Brothers, Cousins, and Duty Free Shopping

 The Tale of Gebr. Heinemann Anyone who has travelled by plane knows the great temptation which awaits after having completed the all too often stressful routine of the security check: The guilt free experience of...