[Podcast] Saddleback Leather – Of Bags and Love

Image courtesy of Saddleback Leather

Texas-based husband and wife owners of Saddleback Leather, Dave and Suzette Munson, built their leather goods business by prioritising the highest quality for their products, treating employees and colleagues like family, and dreaming of expanding their business so they can increase their global philanthropic efforts. Saddleback Leather is an unquestionable runaway success. The business that started by selling handcrafted leather bags on eBay now has a major production facility in Mexico and headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas.

The fact that philanthropy is woven into the DNA of everything Dave and Suzette do is a significant part of why Saddleback has such a loyal and devoted customer base. And their efforts to inspire other businesses to follow in their path are gaining traction.

In a conversation with Tharawat Magazine, Dave Munson discusses the early beginnings of Saddleback Leather and how he came to develop his unique corporate philosophy.

Read the full interview on Tharawat Magazine here. 

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