[Podcast] Growing Food, Equality, And Opportunity In Peru

[Podcast] Growing Food, Equality, And Opportunity In Peru
Image courtesy of Danper

When husband and wife team Jorge Aranguri and Rosario Bazan started their Peruvian agri-business company Danper in 1994, they faced a challenge; when clients and business partners were introduced to Rosario Bazan as the company’s CEO, more than a few eyebrows were raised since female executives were not the norm at the time.

Despite the resistance faced, Jorge and Rosario continued to champion the causes of gender equality, health care and education for their workforce. 23 years later, Danper is a shining example of what determination can do with more than 8,500 workers and 10,000 hectares of cultivated fields by the north and south coast, as well as in the central and southern highlands of Peru.

Tharawat Magazine had the opportunity to sit down with Jorge Aranguri to discuss his company’s journey and the impact they’ve had not just on the local economy but also Peruvian society.

Read the full interview on Tharawat Magazine here. 

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