Tharawat Magazine Issue 32, Future Industries, Is Out!

Issue 32, November 2016 - Future Industries

With radical advances in technology and clear shifts in the global economic landscape, demonstrating a high degree of agility in strategy and mindset has become crucial for businesses in order to thrive in the decades to come. In the coming years we will see industries surface and others disappear. What does this mean for family businesses and their successors?

In our last issue of 2016, we are taking a closer look at what the future holds for the private sector. An interview with Noah Raford of the Dubai Future Foundation, the story of Hizkia Van Kralingen who took his family business to the next level, and a collection of case studies on industries that have already been disrupted, provide grounds for discussion on what we know and don’t know yet about things to come.

130-year old family business SABIS tells the story of innovation in education and Maria Dolores and her daughter Dominique show how heritage can be used to create an enduring brand in our features section.

We travelled to Latin America to speak to Costa Rica’s largest family- owned business Cuestamoras and discovered through six family members the importance of entrepreneurship as a legacy.

Actress and supermodel Patricia Velasquez honoured us with her thoughts on philanthropy’s cause and effects and our entrepreneurial dose of inspiration is provided by the Güreli family, art fair owners from Istanbul and the sweet savours of Prestat chocolate.

We do not know what the future holds either. But we guarantee that there will be more family business stories in 2017!

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