Introducing Our Brand New Family Business Portal!


Our goal at Tharawat Magazine has always been to serve up inspiration for family businesses by sharing compelling stories, information, and insights for business leaders everywhere.

Why? Well for one thing, family businesses make up 70% of the world’s entire GDP, and yet they continue to be overlooked by mainstream publications and news outlets.

Today, we are taking another big step towards our goal of giving you even more useful tools and resources for growth!

Introducing the Family Business Portal, your one-stop shop for all things family business:

Family Business Portal

The Family Business Portal can be visited by clicking on the “Family Business” button on our menu bar:

Family Business Portal

The first thing you will notice is the Family Business Crash Course, a beginner’s guide to all things family business: what they are, their impact, and how it affects you:

Family Business Portal

It even comes with a great video of fascinating family business facts:

Family Business Video

Scroll down a bit further, and you arrive at Family Business 101, a must-read collection of the most important topics in the family business community:

Family Business 101

Each page, such as Succession, is filled with stories and insights into better understanding the topic:

Family Business Succession

Back at the Family Business Portal, the final portion of the page is the Family Business Tools section, the most exciting new tool for family businesses everywhere!

Family Business Tools

Through the Family Business Tools, you can catch the latest global family business news updates at the Family Business News page…

Family Business News

Listen to our brand new Family Business Podcast

Family Business Podcast

Read hundreds of our amazing Family Business Articles in one place…

Family Business Articles

…and check out the collection of Family Business Links from around the web.

Family Business Links

Our goal remains the same as it was when we launched 8 years ago in the midst of the global financial crisis, and we want to take full advantage of the digital medium to share stories that our readers love.

We hope you enjoy the Family Business Portal, and don’t forget to share!

Go to the Family Business Portal:

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