What is family business succession?

Managing succession is one of the greatest challenges businesses face. By realising that it is a topic where the subjective perception trumps objectivity, and by accepting that there is no one right answer, family businesses can approach the issue with more structure, before it becomes a matter of urgency.


Succession Articles

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Sold! 8 Family Business Buy Outs

Even the most successful multigenerational family firms are often sold by their founding families. The reasons families make the difficult decision to sell their businesses are as varied as the enterprises themselves,...

8 Quotes to Support Your Family Business in the Year Ahead

As a new year begins, the world continues to face ongoing social issues and environmental concerns. Despite the uncertainties of 2023, family businesses are not just surviving- they’re thriving and making significant...
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The (Complicated) Multigenerational History of The Scrooge Group

This article is fictional by Sophia Scrooge, 8th-generation family CEO and chair Like most family businesses that have been operating for nearly 200 years, The Scrooge...
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Economic Concerns Overshadow Growth Opportunities for Australia’s Family Businesses

There are more than 1.4 million family firms operating in Australia, representing 70% of the country’s businesses, and employing 50% of the nation’s workforce. Small businesses and family enterprises account for over...
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The Top 5 Behaviours Next-Generation Leaders Need to Adopt for Success

The largest wealth transfer in human history is happening now, with over $74T USD being transferred from older to younger, next-generation, rising leaders. Family business leaders are confused, impatient, and aware of...