[Podcast] Purpose-Driven Leadership in the Family Business

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What are the ingredients of a strong company culture? In most cases, it is the result of hard work, consistency, and accountability; characteristics adopted by owners and employees alike. Family businesses are no exception. It might seem tempting to assume that family ownership would result in strong culture and a sense of purpose naturally, however, the reality is different.

Dov Baron is a best-selling author, with 30 years of experience he has been twice cited by Inc.com as one of the “Top 100 Leadership Speakers to Hire”. Over the years, his expertise has taken him around the globe where he has been the headline speaker for organisations, and global conferences focused on purpose-driven, authentic leadership and cultural strategies.

In this interview, Dov discusses the popular misconceptions surrounding company culture, the similarities and differences between culture in family-owned businesses and their non-family peers, and advice for those families who struggle to identify their driving purpose.

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