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Dr Alexander Koeberle-Schmid, KPMG in Germany, has helped many entrepreneurial families (small and large, national and multi-national) and family enterprises with diverse strategic issues. He has assisted family businesses with their strategy and business model reviews, implementing a family business governance structure, family constitution as well as in succession planning. He has also authored articles and books about family businesses and governance – his most recent one was “Governance in Family Enterprises”. Alexander works as a business coach and commercial mediator at KPMG Germany, and was a non-executive board member of a family enterprise. He also lectures on business strategy and family business at two business schools in Germany. There are KPMG member firms in 17 countries across the Middle East and South Asia region. Most of these firms have Enterprise and Family Business teams who work with family businesses on a broad range of business priorities including growth, governance, assurance, succession planning, next generation, wealth preservation, exit strategy and philanthropy. For further information from the author, please contact: Dr. Alexander Koeberle-Schmid, Family Business Expert, Business Coach, Commercial Mediator, KPMG in Germany, E:, T: +49 211 475-7369 For further information about KPMG´s Enterprise practices in Middle East and South Asia, please contact: Harish Gopinath, Regional Head of Enterprise and Family Business, KPMG in the Middle East & South Asia region, E: T: +973 17224807

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