Anders Sörman-Nilsson from Thinque: Can You Balance Innovation and Tradition?

An Interview with Anders Sörman-Nilsson, futurist, family business member and Founder of Thinque

The Age of Omnichannel Marketing and its Repercussions for Family Businesses
Anders Sörman-Nilsson keynoting on Seamless at AMEX' Global Travel Forum in San Diego in 2018. Image courtesy of Anders Sörman-Nilsson.

Anders Sörman-Nilsson from Thinque: Can You Balance Innovation and Tradition?
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Technology fascinates Anders Sörman-Nilsson, a global futurist, speaker and author of three books on the topic of digitisation and innovation. He believes in a seamlessly integrated future – one where even the most humane elements of the human experience are transformed by technology.

As an innovation strategist, the Swedish-Australian consultant regularly advises some of the world’s most well-known corporate brands. He also operates a strategic think tank, Thinque, which encourages organisations to improve their ability to anticipate change, apply cutting-edge intellectual tools and decode the latest digital trends.

Sörman-Nilsson’s work builds a dialogue between past, present and future. As a fourth-generation family business member, he is uniquely versed in the subject.

He defines his interest in futurism as abreaction to growing up in a traditional family business with completely analogue processes.

His 2017 book, SEAMLESS: A Hero’s Journey of Digital Disruption, Adaptation and Human Transformation, is an allegorical tale of his battle/collaboration with his mother, Birgitta, to bring his family’s business into the digital world for the first time.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Anders Sörman-Nilsson to discuss digital transformation in the family business, omnichannel marketing and whether or not tradition and technological innovations are indeed antithetical.

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