Lauren Lanphear: How Can You Protect a Living Legacy?

Lauren Lanphear, Courtesy of Forest City Tree Protection Co.
The Family Business Voice
The Family Business Voice
Lauren Lanphear: How Can You Protect a Living Legacy?

After learning the art of tree care as a college student in the early 20th century, a young WP Lanphear travelled around the northeastern United States working on such prestigious projects as the Vanderbilt and Roosevelt estates. Moved to start his own business, he founded the Forest City Tree Protection Co. in 1910. A long-standing position as the City Forester for the city of Cleveland Heights sustained the business through the Great Depression. As it grew, Forest City Tree earned a sterling reputation throughout Ohio and beyond.

The Lanphears’ love for trees runs in the family. As President of Cleveland Ohio‘s Forest City Tree Protection Co., Lauren Lanphear represents the third generation of arborists in the family continuing a tradition of urban forest stewardship that began over a hundred years ago.

One of the company’s greatest assets is its attention to the continuously evolving science of preventive care. While tree care was once limited to cutting and pruning, arborists are now comparable to physicians.

Today, Lauren Lanphear works diligently to protect trees from insect and disease attack around the greater Cleveland area and wherever else he can be of assistance.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Lauren to discuss his family’s love for trees, the work of an arborist and the significance of protecting mature trees.

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