[Podcast] The Art of Printing Money

Charles Kittredge, Chairman of Crane & Co. Image courtesy of Crane & Co.

Located in Dalton Massachusetts, Crane & Co can trace its roots back to the American Revolutionary War, when their paper mill printed the very first colonial bank notes. After its official founding in 1801, the 19th Century saw the family business sign a contract with the government to produce the United States’ currency paper which they retain until today.

Charlie Kittredge is a member of the sixth generation of the Crane family and currently, serves as the Chairman of the Board.

Tharawat Magazine had the opportunity to sit down with Charlie Kittredge to discuss his family’s close ties to American History and how they are adapting to being a paper company in an increasingly paperless world.

Read the full article on Tharawat Magazine here.

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