The Top 7 Strategic Family Business Moves of 2022 Geely

7 Family Businesses that Changed Strategies in 2022

2022 was challenging, but not without opportunity for creative leaders. Here are the Top 7 strategic family business moves in 2022.
10 Quotes from 2022 that Foresee the Hope Ahead

10 Family Business Quotes that Bring Hope for the Future

Family business leaders are hopeful about the future. Here are 10 quotes from 2022 that foresee the hope ahead.
Dennis Jaffe 7 Key Features

What really works? 7 Key Features of 100-Year-Old Global Family Enterprises

Editorial By Dennis T. Jaffe, PhD. Family enterprises form the majority of businesses large and small in every country in the world, but relatively few...
Friends looking to the future Andreas von Specht New Priorities

New Priorities: ESG and Sustainability for Family Businesses

Editorial by Andreas von Specht About two years ago, I received a call from the CEO of a listed family company: Would we have experience...
peace salvatore sciascia dario voltattorni

Experiencing succession in PEACE

Editorial by Salvatore Sciascia & Dario Voltattorni What characterises a successful generational handover — one that allows healthy businesses to thrive and those in difficulty...
iraj ispahani sustainability starts at home

Sustainability Starts at Home

Editorial by Iraj Ispahani, Philip Marcovici and Dr Kenneth Goh Wealth and business-owning families are uniquely placed to contribute to a better world. Able to...
Family business metaverse

Do Family Businesses Have a Place in the Metaverse?

In an era when digital capabilities broadly define the effectiveness of consumer interactions, businesses, in particular, are wary of falling behind the technological curve....
Garbage Truck

The World’s Ten Largest Waste Management and Recycling Companies

As the manufacturing industry has evolved over the last 50 years, the quality and durability of everyday household items has, generally, declined in favour...
Three Ways Millennial Leadership is Transforming the Workspace

Three Ways Millennial Leadership is Transforming the Workspace

Executive leadership is undergoing a dramatic shift in demographics. As more baby boomers and gen-xers retire, millennials are stepping in to fill the void...

Tharawat Magazine Live: ESG, Sustainability and the Family Business

On this episode of Tharawat Magazine Live, Peter Englisch from PWC and Tharawat Magazine's Editor-in-Chief Ramia El Agamy talk about sustainable family business in...