VIDEO: Has the Future of Family Business Changed?

On this episode of The Family Business Voice, Anders Sorman-Nilsson, futurist, Founder of Thinque and part of a family business legacy, speaks with Ramia about how COVID-19 has changed our outlook on the world as well as our appetite for technology.

The Australian-Swedish dual-citizen has shared the stage with heads of state, penned three books and featured as a keynote speaker around the world.

Growing up in a family business environment, Anders is well-acquainted with the obstacles that SMEs come up against when faced with a crisis. But he’s also quick to point out that in times of upheaval, change and opportunity exist simultaneously alongside each other.

– Those companies that place a high value on learning and curiosity are better positioned to navigate the crisis, finding opportunity through innovation and creativity.

– Pandemics of the past have changed the way we work: the Black Death may have led to the Rennaissance and Spanish Flu saw women enter the workforce in unprecedented numbers. Looking past the hardships to pay attention to how our society is changing as a result of the pandemic will serve family business leaders well over the coming months.

– Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are just two of the technologies that will likely be catalysed by COVID-19. Using these technologies to free up human talent for creative work has the potential to make family businesses even more sustainable.