The 10 Largest Family Businesses in Mexico City

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Mexico City is one of the world’s most populated cities and home to a wealth of family firms. With its industry, infrastructure, and central location in the Americas, Mexico City has emerged as an important setting for businesses wishing to establish themselves or companies looking to expand their operations across the continent.

Over 90% of businesses in Mexico are family-owned, and 95% of those are managed by a family member. Mexico’s capital city is also a primary driver of the country’s economy, generating around 16% of the nation’s $1.41 trillion GDP. More of Mexico’s largest family enterprises can be found in Mexico City than in any other part of the country.

Here are the 10 largest family businesses in Mexico City:

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10. Fibra Danhos

Owning/Controlling Family: Daniel

Annual Revenue: $320 million

Fibra Danhos is a property development group that builds, leases, operates, and manages commercial properties in Mexico City and Puebla. The firm’s portfolio includes 15 properties, including shopping centres, offices, and mixed-use locations. Fibra Danhos properties generate around 100 million visitors annually. The company’s Parque Delta Mall in Mexico City is considered the country’s most successful shopping centre based on tenant income per square metre.

Brothers David and José Daniel created Fibra Danhos in 1976 to diversify and complement their textile business. Founding partner David Daniel Kabbaz Chiver leads Fibra Danhos as its president, while his son, Salvador Daniel Kabbaz Zaga, serves as the company’s CEO.

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Owning/Controlling Family: Penaloza

Annual Revenue: $900 million

As one of Mexico’s top highway concessionaires, Promotora y Operadora de Infraestructura (PINFRA), engineers, operates, and finances infrastructure projects. The company holds 21 concessions, including 27 toll roads, one port terminal, and a bridge operation contract. PINFRA also operates construction and concrete product manufacturing segments. The company has built and managed roads that transport around 107 million vehicles annually.

David Penaloza Sandoval founded the Grupo Tribasa construction company in 1969. In 2015, the company restructured, evolving into PINFRA under the leadership of Sandoval’s son, David Penaloza Alanis, who serves as PINFRA’s CEO and chairman.

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8. Becle

Owning/Controlling Family: Beckmann

Annual Revenue: $2.6 billion

Becle is the world’s largest and oldest tequila producer, whose roots go back to 1775 when José María Guadalupe de Cuervo y Montaño began producing and selling tequila made from his agave crops. Now in its 11th generation, the family firm produces, markets, and distributes over 30 spirits and non-alcoholic beverage brands to over 85 countries. The company’s popular tequila brands include Jose Cuervo and 1800. In 2018, Becle added whisky producer Old Bushmills Distillery and Pendleton Whisky to its portfolio.

Juan Domingo Beckmann Legorreta and his sister Karen Beckman Legorreta own a nearly 90% stake in the family company. Juan serves as Becle’s CEO and chairman.

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7. Grupo Televisa

Owning/Controlling Family: Azcárraga

Annual Revenue: $4 billion

Grupo Televisa owns and operates one of Mexico’s leading cable companies and runs one of the country’s biggest direct-to-home satellite pay television systems. Televisa also controls Spanish-speaking content media company TelevisaUnivision. Emilio Azcárraga Vidaurreta began building his family’s media conglomerate in the 1930’s through the radio broadcasting industry. He eventually established one of Mexico’s oldest movie studios in the 1940s and later created the country’s first television station in 1951.

Emilio’s son, Emilio Azcárraga Milmo, took over the business from his father in the 1960s and spearheaded the company’s international expansion with the launch of the Spanish International Network (SIN) in the United States. Grupo Televisa was established in 1973 when the firm integrated its television and satellite businesses. Today, Milmo’s son, Emilio Fernando Azcárraga Jean, heads Grupo Televisa as its executive chairman.

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6. Grupo Elektra

Owning/Controlling Family: Salinas

Annual Revenue: $4.8 billion

Grupo Elektra is Latin America’s leading financial services company specialising in trading and is the largest provider of short-term, non-bank loans in the United States. Founded in 1950 by Hugo Salinas Rocha, in the 1950’s, the company transitioned from manufacturing radio transmitters to providing consumer products such as appliances and furniture. Under the leadership of Ricardo Salinas, Grupo Electra expanded and diversified its financial products segment throughout the 1980s. By 2002, the company had become Mexico’s largest consumer-finance company.

Today, the Grupo Elektra and Salinas y Rocha retail brands provide products and services in over 6,000 customer contact points across Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and the US. Ricardo Salinas Pliego heads the family firm as its chairman.

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5. Orbia Advance Corporation

Owning/Controlling Family: del Valle

Annual Revenue: $9.6 billion

Operating through its five business groups — polymer solutions, building and infrastructure, precision agriculture, connectivity solutions, and fluorinated solutions — Orbia has made sustainable development and social well-being a collective focus of its organisation. Company initiatives include manufacturing primarily multi-use plastic products and solutions with a life of 50 years or more while creating a circular plastics-to-plastics recycling programme across all its business groups.

Orbia’s roots trace back to the founding of Cables Mexicanos in 1953. The company was created to capitalise on the growing Mexican market for high-carbon steel wire ropes. In 1997, the del Valle family’s Grupo Emresarial Privado Mexicano acquired Cables Mexicanos along with its controlling group. Today Orbia operates in over 50 countries, with commercial activities in more than 110 countries, and a global team of over 24,000 employees. Since becoming chairman in 2011, Juan Pablo del Valle has led the company and its transformation from a chemical conglomerate to a diversified group of businesses. His father, Antonio del Valle Ruiz, is the company’s honorary chairman for life.

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4. Grupo Bal

Owning/Controlling Family: Bailleres

Annual Revenue: $10 billion

In the 1960’s after Raul Bailleres acquired a majority stake in mining firm Industrias Peñoles, the group began building its portfolio with companies in sectors that include mining, retail, insurance, finance, and beverages. Today, Industrias Peñoles is the world’s largest producer of refined silver and Latin America’s leading refined gold and lead producer. Grupo Bal’s financial services segment includes insurance firm GNP, one of Mexico’s leading insurance providers, covering around 20% of the country’s insurance market.

Alberto Baillères took over Grupo Bal after the death of his father, Raúl. After Alberto died in 2022, his son, Alejandro Baillères Gual, and his five siblings inherited the business from their father. Alejandro serves as Grupo Bal president and chairs the board of Industrias Peñoles. Brother Juan Pablo leads the firm’s cattle division.

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3. Grupo México

Owning/Controlling Family: Larrea Mota-Velasco

Annual Revenue: $14 billion

Mexico’s fourth largest company, Grupo México, is an industry leader in copper production, freight transportation, and infrastructure. Established as a mining firm in the 1890s, Germán Larrea Mota-Velasco co-founded the company’s present-day entity in 1978. The company later changed its name to Grupo México in 2000. The company is Mexico and Peru’s top copper producer and the fourth largest globally. Grupo México’s subsidiaries and affiliates engage in activities across Mexico, Peru, USA, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, and Spain, with worldwide clients in regions that include Europe and Asia.

Germán Larrea Mota-Velasco serves as the Group’s chairman and patrimonial board member.

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2. Grupo Bimbo

Owning/Controlling Family: Servitje

Annual Revenue: $21.6 billion

Founded in 1945 as Panificación Bimbo, the baking company began producing loaf bread, eventually innovating the product through a distinctive cellphone wrapper. The company expanded its offerings to include doughnuts, buns, and other baked goods over the following decades and extended its footprint across Mexico and Latin America. In the late 1990s, the company spread globally through key acquisitions, including Texas bakery Ninnie L. Baird, the western North American assets of Canada’s George Weston Ltd., and the Beijing operations of Spanish bakery Panrico SAU in 2006.

Today, Grupo Bimbo sells over 100 brands in 34 countries across 4 continents through its network of 215 bakeries. The company owns six of the top twelve bread brands in the US, including Entenmann’s, Thomas’ English Muffins, Mrs. Baird’s Breads, and Sara Lee. Daniel Javier Servitje Montull, son of company co-founder Lorenzo Servitje Sendra, is Bimbo’s chairman.

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1. America Movil SA de CV

Owning/Controlling Family: Slim

Annual Revenue: $46 billion

Latin America’s most prominent mobile telecom firm and the world’s sixth largest, America Movil, was spun off of telecommunications provider Telmex in 2000, later acquiring its former parent company in 2010. America Movil services over 350 wireless subscribers across Latin America, South America, the Caribbean, Austria and Eastern Europe. Carlos Slim Domit, son of America Movil founder Carlos Slim Helú, serves as the company’s board chair, while brother Patrick Slim Domit holds the vice chair. America Movil is considered one of the world’s largest companies and one of its biggest family businesses.