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Emily Parisi owns a small consulting firm, QUO Product Design and Consulting, which focuses on helping startups and small businesses to design, develop, and prototype their product ideas. The primary focuses are CAD modelling - taking the customer's vision and turning it into a 3D model that can be used for 3D printing or other methods of prototyping later on, 3D rendering - adding textures, colors, and a background to the 3D model to make it look exactly how the finished product is designed to look. This is useful for situations such as pitching to investors or launching a Kickstarter campaign, 3D animations - showing how multiple components of a product come together and function as they are meant to, also useful for presenting a product to others, product consulting - taking an initial idea or revising a current product design and ensuring that it is ready to be manufactured on a larger scale based upon design, material selection and what manufacturing process is intended to be used, 3D printing: 3D print a product model that will provide a tangible visual of the finished product for potential customers and investors, and forming supplier relations - helping to secure the best manufacturer for the customer's product based on factors such as cost, timeline, quality, and process selection.

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