Felicia Heng

Felicia Heng
Image courtesy of Felicia Heng.

Through research, capacity building and education, Felicia Heng fosters a conducive environment for family relationship health and communal wellbeing.

Heng began her professional journey in Singapore’s Ministry of Defence as an organisational psychologist specialising in psychometric testing and leadership development. When she transitioned away from public work, she shifted her focus to succession planning, executive coaching and private wealth management in the finance sector.

Today, Heng spends much of her time in collaboration with FBN members addressing the core issues of family business: interpersonal dynamics, governance and succession. Where the latter is concerned, Heng’s work demonstrates that the preparation and engagement of future leaders is only part of a successful transition. Building empathy and bridging the generational divide is also critical.

Balancing the interests of the rising Now Gen* leaders and their elders is a matter of strengthening family identity, building empathy and rediscovering shared values – achievable goals, Heng asserts, as long as family members take the initiative to start the conversation.

*At the time of publication, the labels “Now Generation”, “Now Gen” and “NowGen” have been filed for trademark protection with the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS).