[Podcast] The Story of Guittard Chocolate Company – A Conversation with Gary Guittard

SPECIAL FEATURES: Guittard Chocolate Company – The Happy Balance between Innovation and Tradition
Gary Guittard and his daughter Amy, Director of Marketing at Guittard Chocolate Company. Courtesy of Guittard Chocolate.

When Etienne Guittard left Tournus, France to join the California Gold Rush, he brought chocolate from his uncle’s factory as a means to barter for mining supplies. What he discovered was the miners and locals alike were willing to pay a premium for the delicious treat. He immediately saw the opportunity that was richer than panning for gold.

He returned in 1868 and opened Guittard Chocolate on Sansome Street. Now 149 years later, the same enterprise still stands as a thriving family owned business.

Guittard Chocolate Company has always been able to walk the fine line between progressive management and selfless ownership. As the fifth generation Guittard family members take an active role in the company, the company continues to find ways to support, explore and grow with its extended family of customers, co-workers, farmers and suppliers.

Tharawat Magazine spoke with 4th-generation CEO Gary Guittard to discuss the balance between innovation and tradition and what it means to bring happiness to your customers.

Read the full interview on Tharawat Magazine here. 

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