Tharawat Magazine Live: ESG, Sustainability and the Family Business

On this episode of Tharawat Magazine Live, Peter Englisch from PWC and Tharawat Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Ramia El Agamy talk about sustainable family business in 2021 and field questions from their audience.

Using family business stories from Tharawat Magazine’s most recent collection Sustainable Legacies – The Transformative ESG Strategies of Family Businesses along with PWC’s 10th annual Family Business Survey, Peter and Ramia examine the motivating factors behind these case families’ sustainable firsts, the culture that enables their triple-bottom-line approach and the growing realisation that sustainable family business is no longer just an attractive alternative; it’s the only way forward.

  • The results from PWC’s latest Family Business Survey evidence the need for more focused ESG strategies. Not having an ESG strategy in 2021 is a missed opportunity, but many families don’t know where to start.
  • There are many right answers to the sustainability question. The families in Tharawat Magazine’s latest collection each bring a unique perspective on sustainability to their industries and regions.
  • Peter points out the need for families to communicate about their ESG efforts. Many family businesses, with their tendency towards long-term planning and stewardship, are sustainable by design, but take that sustainability for granted instead of using it to their advantage.

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