Behind the Scenes – IDEAL: A Family Business Film

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In late 2019, the Family Business Films team travelled to the UK to create a mini-documentary on second-generation family business IDEAL.

This innovative detergent manufacturer aims for sustainability along its supply chain and is owned and operated by the Kalli family. During the shoot, we worked with father and son duo, Michael and Phillip, and discovered how they came to work together and their vision for the future of their company.

The IDEAL mini-documentary is coming out in June 2020. Meanwhile, enjoy our Behind-the-Scenes video to learn more about our experience documenting family businesses and why it matters.


Every family business is host to a hundred entertaining anecdotes, tales of courage, devastating failures, and soaring successes. The lessons that can be learnt from them are countless, and the next generation of owners is entrusted with the task of continuing the tale. The medium of film offers an exciting channel to capture the essence of your family business and motivate the next generation to share in your vision and legacy.

The experience of making a film about your legacy offers a unique opportunity for emotional connection, creating a powerful space for meaningful dialogue across generations. It is also a powerful tool for external marketing that can help build brand awareness and authenticity around your company’s reputation.