[Podcast] Meet Flixbus, Europe’s Fastest Growing Startup

ENTREPRENEURS: Flixbus – On Tech, Transportation, and Team Work
Daniel Krauss, Founder of Flixbus, Courtesy of Flixbus

Just a few years in existence, Germany’s Flixbus is already the poster child for a successful and global 21st century company. Enabled through technology, its three young founders took on the traditional long-distance transportation industry, which until 2013, was not open to private operators. When the government opened the market, Daniel Krauss, Jochen Engert, and André Schwämmlein launched Flixbus.

Since they launched Flixbus as a low-cost booking solution for bus travel, it has served more than 60 million customers in 25 countries and handles a capacity of 200,000 connections a day. This has earned them the title of fastest growing start-up in Europe.

In this interview, Flixbus Co-founder Daniel Krauss discusses the incredible growth of his company and what the future holds in store.

Read the full interview on Tharawat Magazine here. 

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