7 Companies That Provide Amazing Employee Perks

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Unsplash

At a time when promoting company culture through perks is starting to get out of hand, some companies are upping the ante in terms of providing more for their employees in terms of making life easier in order to promote work productivity while others continue to take it to a bizarrely exorbitant new level.

7 companies with amazing employee perks inside and outside of the office

1. Facebook

Facebook provides with many unique perks, including Facebook ad credits to donate to a cause or organization of their choice, and beautiful office spaces. The social media platform was the first in a popular trend among US companies, primarily in tech, to subsidize their employees’ daycare costs and any costs they incur in adoption fees or in seeking fertility aid. New parents are Facebook are also eligible to $4,000 in baby cash and 17 weeks of paid leave.

2. Cisco

It’s obvious that Cisco is committed to even out work-life balance and improve work productivity, when you take a look at the telecommuting technology, data and voice services available to employees in setting up a home office. These well-outfitted home offices are designed to even out work-life balance and improve job satisfaction, especially since many positions at Cisco are home-based. They also offer primary care, acupuncture and physical therapy within their on-site health center.

3. Asana

Given that Asana is dedicated to keeping workplaces organized, perhaps it is not that surprising that the employees are given a $10,000 allowance to furnish their workspace.This includes purchasing computers, convenient appliances like mini fridges, and custom-made ergonomic chairs as well as regular nice-to-have accessories and gadgets.

4. Tumblr

Whenever an employee at Tumblr recommends a new hire, they are given a specific budget for the purpose of organizing a team-building event. Past events include a trip to Medieval Times, and a Nets game. This is known as ‘Refer Madness.’

5. Airbnb

Travel lodging community marketplace Airbnb provides employees with an annual stipend of $2,000 to travel anywhere in the world in addition to their in-office perks of “three healthy, organic meals a day, plus snacks” and the pleasure of a dog-friendly office.

6. Dropcam

Every employee at San Francisco tech company Dropcam is offered a voucher for a free helicopter ride with friends…piloted by none other than Dropcam CEO Greg Duffy!

7. Palantir

Securities firm Palantir offers a concierge service, groceries, hot prepared meals, among other great in-office perks. Many of these perks are also redeemable by dependents and other family members of Palantir employees. The goal is to give employees more time for work-related and personal productivity. In a similar vein, Google offers its staff a concierge service so that they may focus on their jobs.