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Understanding Family Dynamics and Conflicts

Understanding Family Dynamics and Family Conflicts

Unresolved conflicts and misunderstandings are the family business’s greatest enemy. Especially, when conflicts happen inside the family, the ramifications can be serious for both...
Duality between GDP and Ecology: Ikea Case Study.

The Duality between GDP and Ecology – The Case of IKEA

When world-renowned psychologist Daniel Kahneman coined the concept "What You See Is All There Is" (WYSIATI), he did so in order to describe the...
Hong Kong suitcase rental startup Rent-a-Suitcase Credit: UP Global

Rent-a-Suitcase: A Startup that Takes the Hassle Out of Traveling

As the number of global travelers increases by the year, the practicality of owning luggage is decreasing. a Suitcase often falls apart after only...
How to Bridge the Generation Gap in Your Family Business

How to Bridge the Generation Gap in Your Family Business

The Woods brothers, second-generation heirs to an empire of food distribution nationwide, were facing their first crisis related to the transfer of their shared...