Right Bite: Healthy Eats Delivered To Your Doorstep

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Interview with Right Bite founder Nathalie Haddad

Nathalie Haddad was an in-demand dietitian who held one-on-one counseling sessions, conducted regular lectures at schools, and taught healthy cooking classes. Today, she runs a nutritional consultation and healthy food delivery company called Right Bite, which provides convenient and nutritious dining programs for health-conscious people. In this interview with Tharawat, Right Bite founder and managing director Nathalie Haddad shares how she pioneers healthy eating through her entrepreneurial drive.

Tell us the story about how you started Right Bite.

It was a natural progression from my one-on-one counseling and then into providing them with healthy meals based on the advice that I was giving them. My clients would comment about how they would not have time to prepare healthy meals due to their fast-paced lifestyles, causing them to eat out more. It was then when I saw the need for a service that provided healthy meals.

In 2004, I started Right Bite, in which I consulted clients during the day while preparing meals at night so they could be dispatched the next morning. Right Bite was a pioneer in the market and we experienced steady growth, leading us to acquire our own central kitchen and production unit. This allowed us to offer clients more variety and better control over everything we prepared and delivered to our clients. Ten years later we are here still helping people get healthy.

What is Right Bite and how does it work?

Right Bite is a specialized center for expert nutritional consultation and gourmet healthy meal delivery service. We offer a variety of programs that provide individualized meal plan packages, tailored according to each person’s dietary needs or fitness goals.

When a customer joins Right Bite, they see one of our dietitians for an initial nutrition evaluation and body composition analysis, after which we set goals and choose meal plans. We ensure that the meals reflect our client’s lifestyle, taste preferences, and nutrition requirements. The meals are then regularly delivered to the client so that they can eat their tailored food regularly and conveniently without the hassle of making it themselves.

Right Bite: Healthy Eats Delivered To Your Doorstep
Image courtesy of Right Bite

Our meal programs include:

Renew You: aimed at those who want to lose weight, get back into shape or wanting to eat healthy and fit.

Fuel Up: designed for sports enthusiasts and those with active lifestyles.

Balanced Mom: provides proper nutrition for expectant mom and her baby, as well healthy weight gain during pregnancy and weight loss post-birth.

Selective Plus: recommended for picky eaters and people with certain food allergies or intolerances.

Cleanse: prepared for those who want to reset their body’s natural balance and reboot their metabolism.

Mighty Lunchables: designed specifically to provide children with nutritious and tasty meals while at school.

Throughout the program, there are regular follow-up sessions with the dietitian to monitor progress, make any necessary changes to the meal plan, and to ensure customers are satisfied with our food while achieving their goals. Once they achieve their goals, we help them maintain the new lifestyle either through advice and recommended meal plans or continuing on the meal plans from Right Bite.

There is a clear trend towards healthy eating. How does your company stay competitive in this crowded industry?

As a pioneer in advocating a healthier diet and lifestyle, Right Bite combines the current demand from the modern individual who craves healthy food choices and quick convenience. People are becoming much more health conscious and more aware of the ingredients that go into each and every meal that they are consuming. This is where we come in with educated food choices plus the support, flexibility, and convenience of our tailored meals. We use only fresh ingredients and all meals are prepared daily in our central kitchen and delivered to your home or office. All our products are made in-house, including our breads and pastries, which are free of any artificial ingredients or sweeteners.

Our services are for everyone. Whether they want to lose weight, gain weight, increase their energy levels, control their diabetes, improve their cholesterol levels, ensure a healthy pregnancy, or just want to eat healthy, our unique approach to helping clients make educated food choices that are results-oriented, convenient, nutritious and flavorful.

It’s important to be constantly evolving with the market and consumer trends to ensure that you are providing something new to customers and that you stay relevant with improvements and innovation.

Right Bite: Healthy Eats Delivered To Your Doorstep
Image courtesy of Right Bite

As a founding entrepreneur of a company such as Right Bite, how has the experience been for you and what were the unexpected challenges?

It’s been over ten years and there are many lessons I have learned. The main ones are that it is important to keep your energy at a high level as this affects the entire business and the internal culture. I also believe that you can never really sit back and say, ‘That is it, I have made it!’; you always have to be on top of things and continuously develop yourself, your team, and your offerings. The market is always changing and you have to be ready to change with it.

To be honest I don’t think there were any unexpected challenges because every day was a challenge to ensure you are managing your team properly and that as team you are delivering on the vision and mission of the business.

What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs and business leaders?

  1. Make sure you love what you do.
  2. Look into all the associated costs that you might incur in your business.
  3. Be prepared to put in the long hours.