Quiz – If Your Family Business Were a Movie, What Would it Be?

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Photo by Gwen Ong on Unsplash

Have you ever found similarities between your family members and movie characters?

Ever wondered what kind of movie your family business resembles?

Take this fun quiz to find out!

Did you know that storytelling is vital for family businesses?

Part of what makes family businesses so attractive to customers is the origin stories behind their success. How did the family business get its start? Are grandpa’s old adages and sayings still heard on the factory floor? Does grandma’s teapot still reside in the break room? What kinds of hardships or challenges has the family had to overcome to get where it is today?

While the family behind the business might take these bits of nostalgic lore for granted, this is exactly the kind of information that customers and clients love to learn. Companies that endeavour to tell their own origin story in a genuine and entertaining way build loyalty and trust with their clients.

Your family business story is a movie script waiting to happen – find out more!