Family Business Boards

Family Business Boards


Family Business Ventures with Multinational Corporations

Any family business leader will confirm that ventures and alliances with multinationals are a complex matter. In addition and all likelihood, each and every...

Understanding Family Business Innovation

Innovation is recommended by many but only truly executed by few. In order to understand how family businesses can become successful innovators, it is...

From Family Enterprise to Enterprising Family

When a family-enterprise seeks to diversify its risk and grow its activities, many different paths may lead to a successful outcome. Typically, mergers and...

Directors: Piloting The Force of A Family Business

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels Mustafa Hussain, a solicitor with Taylor Wessing's wealth group, UK, and author of "The Family Business Passport", discusses...
On The Board of a Family Business

On The Board of a Family Business

Researchers and practitioners have established that family businesses are not exactly the same as non-family businesses. The differences lie mostly in the fact that...
Success on a Family Business Board

Success on a Family Business Board

Image source: Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels Q&A with Marylise Abou Haidar Sinno When did you join the family business board and what is your current role? I...

Independent Directors – Key to Boardroom Innovation

Independent directors play an important role in helping family business boards transform into high performance boards. Indeed, one of the key benefits independent directors...

The Sweet History of the Al Bohsali Family

The story of the Al Bohsali family business started 200 years ago in a small shop in Beirut, Lebanon. From its very beginnings the...

SME Branding

Q&A with Helen and Matthew Ranson Having a proper brand image in place is a strategic priorities for any company no matter its size or...

Discovering Latin America and its Family Businesses

Image source: Rafael Guajardo Latin America still remains relatively unknown to most people, a legacy of the years of military and authoritarian rule, hyper-inflation and...

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