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Mike Hoff is the Founder and CEO of MHC (Mike Hoff Consulting), a privately owned executive consulting business in the UAE. A certified Gazelles International Coach and certified Innermetrix Consultant by trade, Hoff helps fast growing companies scale up their business by developing high performing teams. Hoff has extensive experience and is known for his coaching and mentoring efforts. His energetic style, passion for people development and effectiveness coupled with an in-depth understanding of the business at both a strategic and operational level creates a unique blend. Hoff has more than 30 years of senior leadership experience across a wide spectrum of trades and professions. Along with an in-depth understanding of business processes at both strategic and operational levels, Hoff’s energetic style and passion creates a unique blend, offering companies all-round bespoke development solutions. Hoff began his career in the UK in 1985 in the hospitality industry before moving into retail in the 1990's. He advanced this career with his move to the Middle East in 2004, while continuing to hone his skills in several senior management positions, driving major change, growth and development in organisations both in Europe and the Middle East. This led him to set up his own company, Mike Hoff Consulting based in Dubai. Prior to setting up his own company, Hoff worked as a General Manager at the Al Tayer Group in Dubai and before that, as Business Director at Alshaya Group for the Starbucks Coffee MEA franchise based out of Kuwait. As one of the senior managers, Hoff was responsible for the strategic management of businesses, providing the overall vision, business development, implementation of full-scale leadership and development programmes as well as in ensuring the quality of the services provided. Hoff holds a BSc in Industrial Studies from Sheffield Hallam University in 1985. During his free time, Hoff enjoys the outdoors, travelling and especially scuba diving, being a PADI dive Instructor.

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