Ten Iconic Family-Owned Guitar Brands
By Mr.Fingers - Own work, CC BY 3.0,

Apprenticing at Rickenbacker, Semie Moseley developed the “German Curve” body style that would later characterise his own guitars. Mosrite of California was founded in 1956 by Semie and his brother Andy Moseley. The company’s name is an amalgamation of their surname and the nickname of their principal investor, Reverend Ray “Boatright”.

With unique and unusual features such as ultra-slim, double and zero fret necks, Mosrite guitars became a favourite among artists in the 50s and 60s. Soon, Mosrite instruments were some of the most sought-after boutique guitars in the world, thanks to an endorsement by the Venture’s Nokie Edwards, Jimi Hendrix, Brian Wilson and Johnny Ramone.

A series of disastrous business deals resulted in Mosrite filing for bankruptcy by 1968. Semie struggled to revive the company until his death in 1991. Semie’s daughter, Dana, continues in her father’s footsteps, and Semie’s wife, Loretta, began selling custom Mosrite models in 2008.