Katerina Andreou

Success is a Progression: Healthy Boundaries, Healthy Business
Image courtesy of Katerina Andreou.

By encouraging family business members to establish boundaries, Katerina Andreou helps them balance their many roles to build in strength.

Before Andreou founded HR Innovate, she worked in the UK as a mental health practitioner specialising in children and families for over 10 years. Her two careers are linked by a common thread: a fascination with interpersonal dynamics and resilience – topics she has devoted her professional life to.

As a psychologist, she knows that many “business issues” are “people issues”, and while some problems are best approached structurally, other issues require a more iterative approach – one that emphasises emotional intelligence.

Communication plays a critical role because problem-solving is often a collaborative process. By helping families establish healthy boundaries through open lines of communication, Andreou is simultaneously helping family firms build resiliency.