Chris Yonker

Image courtesy of Chris Yonker

According to Chris Yonker, the overall health of an organisation – family businesses notwithstanding – depends on self-assurance and productive interaction in the workplace. Embarking on the journey to uncover these behaviours in ourselves and those around us is a step towards achieving harmony.

Self-confidence is a product of self-honesty, or living by one’s personal truth. When it comes to succession, self-confidence is a tremendous asset – a correlation that affects how business families should engage the next generation. Yonker’s outlook pushes for the assignment of roles within the organisation or otherwise based on interest rather than obligation or expectation; to Chris, success is the alignment of purpose and place.

Combining his business leadership knowledge with his mindfulness practice to help others define vision, Yonker and his team unravel the behaviors and beliefs that restrict growth and inhibit communication. His proprietary four-stage process has been proven to help countless family businesses cultivate a new awareness and make the necessary changes to bring about sustainability while simultaneously driving the desired outcomes of the organisation.