Chris Tabish

Chris Tabish: Leadership with Laughter
Courtesy of Chris Tabish
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Those who think business is no laughing matter have probably not met Chris Tabish. The stand-up comedian uses the lessons drawn from his combined experience as a humourist and owner of a business consulting firm, Silicon Valley’s Venture West Consulting, to great aplomb.

Realising that the connection between the two industries resonated with people, he decided to co-author a book entitled Comediology, thereby coining a new term. The precise definition of “comediology” reads: “Applying successful comedic techniques traditionally used to amuse, entertain or make an audience laugh to your regular occupation, profession or trade to enhance your daily effectiveness, fulfilment and joy.”

According to Tabish, comediology goes far beyond lightening the mood with a well-placed joke or two. Instead, he argues that the fundamentals of stand-up comedy can be applied by entrepreneurs and family business owners to improve their business prospects. Authenticity, presence and a unique voice are as essential in the board room as they are on the stage.