Hiring, Firing and Retaining

Hiring, Firing and Retaining


Hiring Relatives in the Family Business

Quentin Fleming knows the tact that family businesses must exercise when hiring or firing family members. As a small-business consultant, Quentin Fleming discovered that family...

Mitchell Stores: Putting People First and the Science of Hugging

Jack Mitchell, along with his brother Bill, grew their parents’ speciality clothing store, Mitchell Stores, into a model for international, multi-generational family business success. Not...

Humtown: Visual Earning in Manufacturing

When the economic recession hit America's industrial heartland, second-generation owner Mark Lamoncha used technology to empower his team members and save his family business. Humtown...

Strength in Separation – Keeping Family and Business Matters Apart

Kathy Kolbe built her enterprise, Kolbe Corp, to help Fortune 500 companies, business executives and leaders in every sector excel using a system that...

Jetwing: Sri Lanka’s People-Centric Hospitality Giant

For more than four decades, family-owned hospitality group Jetwing has shared Sri Lanka's unparalleled beauty with the world by booking itineraries and hosting visitors...

The Revolution in Recruitment: The Rise of Predictive Hiring

The rise of predictive hiring has marked a shift in the way businesses conduct recruitment. Data has become pivotal in the search for the...

The Gig Economy and the Future of Family Business

The philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti said, "One is never afraid of the unknown; one is afraid of the known coming to an end." He probably wasn't...

The Avoidable Destruction of a Family Business

Longevity in the family business is a continuing challenge. Statistically, by the end of the third generation, 90 per cent of family businesses have...

Sibling Rivalry in the Family Business

Sibling rivalries have the potential to pull families apart, causing irreparable damage to family-owned businesses. Literature asserts that Cain and Abel are the first...

Overcoming Sibling Rivalry in the Family Business

Edwin Hoover helps family businesses manage family conflict using the tools and strategies first outlined in Getting Along in Family Business: The Relationship Intelligence...

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