Hiring, Firing and Retaining

Hiring, Firing and Retaining


How Entitlement Fuels Sibling Rivalry

Professor Enrique M. Soriano, author of "Sibling Rivalry in Family Business", is a World Bank/IFC Governance Consultant, Educator, Columnist and Family Business Coach who...

Sibling Rivalry in the Family Business

Sibling rivalries have the potential to pull families apart, causing irreparable damage to family-owned businesses. Literature asserts that Cain and Abel are the first...

Humtown: Visual Earning in Manufacturing

When the economic recession hit America's industrial heartland, second-generation owner Mark Lamoncha used technology to empower his team members and save his family business. Humtown...
Universal Colors: How a Mother and her Daughters became Leaders in an Unlikely Industry

Universal Colors: How a Mother and her Daughters became Leaders in an Unlikely Industry

Universal Colors, a Peruvian family business manufacturing protective industrial and marine coatings, knows how to weather a storm. Its founder, Juana Antonia Espinoza Reyes, became...

Hiring Relatives in the Family Business

Quentin Fleming knows the tact that family businesses must exercise when hiring or firing family members. As a small-business consultant, Quentin Fleming discovered that family...

The Painful Realities of Sibling Rivalry and How to Deal With Them

Angela Civitella had to take on a position of leadership in a family business when she least expected it. Following the premature death of...

Strength in Separation – Keeping Family and Business Matters Apart

Kathy Kolbe built her enterprise, Kolbe Corp, to help Fortune 500 companies, business executives and leaders in every sector excel using a system that...

Overcoming Sibling Rivalry in the Family Business

Edwin Hoover helps family businesses manage family conflict using the tools and strategies first outlined in Getting Along in Family Business: The Relationship Intelligence...

Love, Money, Power and Sibling Rivalry

A leading expert in the field of family business dynamics, Clinical Therapist, Advisor and the Author of two books, Love, Power and Money: Family...

Jetwing: Sri Lanka’s People-Centric Hospitality Giant

For more than four decades, family-owned hospitality group Jetwing has shared Sri Lanka's unparalleled beauty with the world by booking itineraries and hosting visitors...

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