In view of the recent global events, the Tharawat Magazine team has decided to compile as many useful resources as possible to help you and your family business think and move forward.


Cybersecurity And The Private Sector – Trust Is Everything

In the early 1970s, a former air force radar technician living in California discovered that the promotional whistle included in boxes of Cap'n Crunch...
Will COVID-19 Permanently Change the Way We Work?

Will COVID-19 Permanently Change the Way We Work?

As the global business community scrambles to adjust to the sweeping changes brought about by COVID-19, many organisations are struggling to maintain productivity while...

Leveraging Big Data to Reach Your Customers

Interview with Michael Haenlein, Professor of Marketing at ESCP Europe, Associate Dean of the ESCP Europe Executive PhD Program and Director of the ESCP...

STRATEGY: The Emergence of the Freelance Economy

It goes by several names, operates in an infinite number of ways and has the undeniable potential to revolutionise the working world. The freelance...

Five Ways Businesses are Stepping Up to Help Their Communities

It would appear that the coronavirus outbreak has underscored a universal truth about human nature: in the most extreme circumstances, humanity's best and worst...

The AI Academy – Understanding Artificial Intelligence and its Potential

Interview with Gianluca Mauro Founder of the AI Academy Gianluca Mauro first became immersed in AI after earning a Fulbright Scholarship and spending six months on...
People working at a Desk

Leveraging the Board in Times of Crisis

There is perhaps no situation that proves the worth of a board – particularly one with outside directors – more than a crisis with...
SPECIAL FEATURES: The Rise of Data-Rich Markets

The Rise of Data-Rich Markets

Interview with Prof. Viktor Mayer-Schoenberger, Professor of Internet Governance and Regulation at the Oxford Internet Institute at Oxford University Every generation faces a technological trend...

Five Family Businesses Disrupting Through Innovation

A 2017 study by professional accounting firm Deloitte challenged much of the conventional belief that family firms are slow to change and fettered by...

Almost Human – The Challenges of Building Emotionally Intelligent AI

Interview with Dr Danko Nikolic, PhD CDO and Head of AI at savedroid, CEO at RobotsGoMental, Associated with Max Planck Institute for Brain Research Will artificial...

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