A secluded oasis in close proximity to the ancient city of Fes, La Maison Bleue offers authentic Moroccan luxury to travellers from around the world.

Constructed in 1915 by Sidi Mohammed El Abbadi, a prolific judge and astrologer, the family home, which currently doubles as a boutique hotel, is now run by the third generation. The two sister properties – La Maison and The Riad – are consistently rated among the top five hotels in Morocco. With thousands of imitations around the country, La Maison Bleue’s aesthetic is much emulated. The experience it offers, however, is unmatched.

La Maison Bleue’s brand might be steeped in tradition, but the El Abbadi family has fully embraced the digital age. In 1997, the hotel became the first Moroccan business with an online presence thanks to the advice of a forward-thinking collaborator. From this experience, which catalysed the family business’s growth, its proprietors learned that keeping an open mind and getting a second opinion are the hallmarks of successful entrepreneurship.

According to Mehdi El Abbadi, the secret to La Maison Bleue’s preeminent reputation with tourists is simple: they treat guests like family. Moreover, family values are at the core of the hotel’s business sustainability. For El Abbadi, retaining talent is a priority, and this means investing in their development and reciprocating their loyalty.