The Dalian Wanda Group is a Beijing, China-based multinational conglomerate with interests in real estate development and entertainment and media. Founded in 1988 by Wang Jianlin, the organisation has since grown to employ approximately 130,000 people worldwide, earning more than $31 billion (214 billion yuan) in 2018. The Dalian Wanda Group’s roots trace back to property development, as Wang Jianlin served as General Manager of Xigang Residential Development in the 1980s. Today, the Group owns 21.57 million square metres of investment property and 213 cinemas, amongst other investments across China. Those figures make the Dalian Wanda Group the largest real estate developer and leading theatre chain owner in China. In 2012, the Group acquired AMC Theatres for US$2.6 billion, making the Group the world’s largest theatre owner. Other divisions of industry within the Group include construction, financial services, health care, high technology, industrial manufacturing, hospitality, retail and sports. In 2017, the Dalian Wanda Group ranked number 380 on the Fortune Global 500, with $104.3 billion in assets. In 2016, the Group sought to expand its entertainment empire when it announced plans to acquire Dick Clark Productions for a reported $1 billion. That deal fell through the following year when a combination of regulatory requirements from China and losses from one of their existing entertainment divisions made it impossible for the Group to close the deal.

  • Family name: Wang family
  • Sector: RE, Hospitality & Construction
  • Founded: 1988
  • Founder: Wang Jianlin
  • Country: China
  • Company headquarters: Beijing, China
  • Managers: Wang Jianlin, Xu Hui
  • Revenue: US$44.7 billions
  • Rankings: 380 [Global 500]  
  • Family ownership: >50%
  • Employees: 130,000
  • Website:


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