Interview with Slim Othmani, Chairman, NCA-Rouiba

On a small piece of Algerian land in 1966, Salah Othmani and his father Mohamed-Saïd began building the foundation for what is today known as one of the country’s most successful businesses, NCA-Rouiba. By ordering the production of the tomato concentrate “Harissa” and various canned fruits, the brand soon gained momentum. In 1970, Salah joined arms with his brothers Mokthar, Said, El Hadi, Hocine and Mohamed to continue the business’ growth.

Today NCA-Rouiba is run by the third generation, headed by Chairman Slim Othmani and his cousin Sahbi who have refocused core activities around the production of fruit juices and non-carbonated soft drinks. In 2005, the family business underwent an important change by implementing corporate governance and so securing the investment of an important private equity firm which allowed the family business to expand considerably.

NCA-Rouiba is now on the verge of being listed on the Algerian stock exchange under the leadership of Slim Othmani. Tharawat magazine speaks to Othmani about the importance of corporate governance in managing the family’s expectations, the values that lie at the core of his businesses success, and plans for the future.